"Words are a lens to focus one's mind."
– Ayn Rand
I fell in love with storytelling while listening to my grandparent's colorful stories of growing up in the
pre-Civil Rights South.  After church on Sunday afternoons, we would lounge on their front-porch,
watching the hurried pace of inner-city Seattle.  My grandmother, mother, and aunties splitting peas
they'd picked from our vegetable garden, while my grandfather relaxed in his tattered armchair, playing
his harmonica like a one-man Southern band.  I would plead with them to tell stories from their
childhood in the South. Their stories were passionate, funny, and told with such detail I imagined
walking alongside them on dusty roads in small-town Louisiana and Texas.  Their accents were as
strong as roots of Willow trees, often ancillary in their tales. I was given a front-row seat to an era rich
in love and grounded in resiliency.  I want readers and viewers of my projects to experience the feelings
I felt listening to my grandparent's stories.

I am a graduate of the University of Washington and founder of Youth In Care Launchpad
-www.yiclauchpad.org- an organization in Seattle metropolitan area providing kids with equipment
needed to participate in athletics and performing arts.  Youth In Care Launchpad also assists parents
with resources to connect children to local sports programs.

Athletics have always been a passion.  Many years ago, I enjoyed a brief career as a professional
baseball player in the Seattle Mariner organization and now enjoy coaching high school baseball and